We wouldn't be able to do this without our amazing community. Here's what some Edinburgh clients said about us:

"I enjoyed my first class very much!  It totally kicked my butt, but in a super great way. I was talking with some of the other attendees about how the culture in the class was healthy, fun and supportive. That is a lot different from where I come from. I felt so very welcome and encouraged - thank you. - Danielle

" I have tried many different exercise classes over the years, be it various gym and yoga classes, and I was never able to commit to them. After a month at the most, I would give up, feeling it was just a chore. I decided cautiously to try the Edinbarre class with Veronika and I must be going into my fourth month of attending her class now. I just love it! Veronika is the best teacher. She is enthusiastic and motivating and really pays attention to the pace and the variety of the exercises. I do look forward for her class every week." - Eleanna

"My hour at Edinbarre is one of my favourite hours of the week! I like to run but I've found this to be a great addition to my weekly routine as it's a full body workout! Veronika is such a lovely teacher - she is knowledgeable, enthusiastic and gives clear instruction, often with variations for exercises depending on how much of a challenge we can handle. We work hard during class but I always feel relaxed and refreshed afterwards!" - Sarah

" Wonderful! If you want to get fit, improve core and flexibility, and don’t enjoy the whole gym vibe, then Edinbarre is the one! I so enjoy Veronika’scareful, inspiring and focused teaching, encouraging, yet challenging. Highly recommended, both for group classes, and personal training...Edinbarre is amazing." - Jo

"It’s my weekend fix! Veronika is an excellent teacher, and the small class size means you get individual attention and a friendly, relaxed vibe. Thanks Veronika!" - Emily


"Once again can I say that although the classes are quite a challenge to my old body, Veronika's encouraging words and guidance once again help me through it. I do struggle with some of the almost impossible stretches that she manages with ease, but am confident that I am making progress. Still loving it and looking forward to next week's class." - Alan

Edinbarre: a boutique barre & Pilates studio in Edinburgh's West end focusing on well-being, confidence, and all good things in life.
Small groups for the best results and a real sense of community.
All photos by Octoabi.

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